McWay Falls, Big Sur, California

McWay Falls is located in Big Sur along California Highway 1

McWay Waterfalls

McWay Falls gets its name from Christopher McWay, an early pioneer in Big Sur.

If there is a single most popular image of Big Sur, it is probably of the 80 foot falls seen from this trail as McWay Creek cascades onto the sandy shore.

McWay Falls is a beautiful and remarkable waterfall dropping into an untouched cove on the California coast. McWay Falls is the star of Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park in Big Sur.

McWay Falls, Waterfall House and Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park are located in Big Sur, along California Highway 1 between Monterey and Cambria. You can pull into the park to see more beauty. If you can’t stay long, find a parking space along the highway and walk 0.3 miles down McWay Waterfall Trail. The Park’s entry fee is $10 for the day, per car, which gives you access to all California State Parks until sundown.

While You’re In Big Sur experience another postcard-populating perspective in Big Sur, head north to Pfeiffer Beach where a rock island just offshore has a wave-carved tunnel that captivates photographers at sunset.

“There is science, logic, reason; there is thought verified by experience. And then there is California.” – EDWARD ABBY, AMERICAN WRITER (1927-89)

Image Credit | McWay Falls ? @cas415