Hiking to the Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles | The Hollywood Sign

Step by Step guide to Get to the Hollywood Sign, Los Angeles, California

A view Los Angeles city from behind the Hollywood sign

I FINALLY hiked to the back of the Hollywood sign. A massive hike and confusing experience, I wrote a step-by-step guide for directions to the hike and through the trail to the actual sign.

There are multiple hikes to the Hollywood sign — this means that you can pick a route and accidentally take a different route down (getting lost on your return trip — like I did). The parks around the Hollywood sign are masssssive, so try going with a local or guide.

Parking on Beachwood Canyon is free– but there is no parking 8 am to 6 PM Saturdays and Sundays.

I took a route that goes from Beachwood Drive and Franklin Drive.

Just find where the two streets intersect. Upon arrival to the entrance, you’ll see a security guard, and brown gate for Sunset Ranch. While you cannot drive through the gate, you are allowed to use the walk-in gate on the left. It’s open. Although a private property, it is free and open to the public.

When you see the white letters SUNSET RANCH, go up the path on the right (you could easily go straight with a slight bend to the left, that is NOT the route).

At the fork, make a left.

Keep going up the path until you see it curve.

When you see the Horseback Tours sign, go past it (not down its custom trail). Continue the route.

There is a rest spot there where you can see the Hollywood sign from below.
Take a break and a snap.

When you get back on the path, go left at the fork. This almost looks like you’re looping backward. Continue on this path towards the Hollywood sign.

You’ll eventually hit another fork with a paved road. Take the paved road all the way up. You’ll be in this section for the longest time. The path wraps up right and away from the Hollywood sign, then loops back left — bringing you to the Hollywood sign through the back of the mountains.


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