How to Visit Kirby Cove in Sausalito, California

How to Find the Famous San Francisco Swing

Directions to the Swing/Kirby Cove Hike

When coming from the city, take the Alexander Ave. exit right after you get off of the Golden Gate bridge. Then loop around the road and take a right on Conzelman Road. Drive up to the first lookout point called, Golden Gate Bridge Vista Point. Park here and once you’ve parked, look to the right and you’ll see a sign that says Kirby Cove Campground. Follow that for about a mile downhill and you’ll arrive!

How to Find the Famous San Francisco Swing
How to Find the Famous San Francisco Swing

Kirby Cove Swing Directions

You can park near Battery Spencer. Once you find parking, Battery Spencer will be on your left and if you continue slightly past it, there will be a trailhead sign with directions for Kirby Cove. It will be about a 0.8 mile curving walk downhill, which features some great views and abandoned missile sites.

Once you continue down the trail, you will come across a campsite. Continue heading straight ahead towards the ocean.

Then, you will come across some picnic benches. Veer left and continue heading towards the general direction of the ocean.

Keep on walking and then you will see the stairs that lead you down to Kirby Cove!