Visiting Twin Peaks in San Francisco

Twin Peaks, San Francisco ? Francisco Delgado @francistogram


Twin Peaks, A San Francisco Icon

Twin Peaks is a must-see in San Francisco. This set of high peaks is located near the geographical center of the city, offering stunning 360-degree panoramic views of this beautiful city and the bay and ocean beyond.

The easiest way to get to the base of the mountain is by Market Street. From downtown, take Market southwest until it turns into Portola. From Portola, take a right on Twin Peaks Blvd. and follow the road up to the top.

  • Bike rental: You can rent a bike and take the same route to Twin Peaks as you would with a car. Please note that there are no bike lanes on this winding road so you have to be very cautious.
  • Hiking: Follow the same path that you would take in a car or bike. However, once you are at the base of the peaks, you can choose to climb straight up the hillside rather than take the roadway. Possibly the best way to get to Twin Peaks without a car, you will find 360-degree views that surpass those at the north peak overlook. Additional trails follow the southern and eastern slopes of the park. Be sure to stay on the trail to avoid poison oak (depending on the time of year).
  • Public transportation: There are currently no public buses that go to the top of Twin Peaks, but you can take 37 Corbett Muni bus close to the base of the peak and then hike up to the top.