Top 10 San Francisco Instagram Spots

The Most Instagrammable Places in San Francisco

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San Francisco offers the best of both worlds — a fast-pace lifestyle in a city of skyscrapers or a peaceful one as it offers a place to unwind at the beaches or national forests. It’s one of the most photogenic cities for the photo enthusiasts and offers plenty of places to explore for the wanderlust souls.

San Francisco and the Bay Area provides endless opportunities to photography lovers. Here are  our Top  10 San Francisco Instagram Spots


This location is really quite a treasure as you get this remarkable view of the Oakland Bay Bridge. I’d suggest coming out here during golden hour when the skies begin to change color. Car lights start to come on and this will give you a more interesting shot.



You really don’t need much photography skills to get an amazing shot here. The details of The Painted Ladies in Alamo Square will be enough appeal. Getting a shot of the San Francisco skyline in the background is a bonus.



This beach is a nude beach, so be warned when coming out here. This is by far one my favorite views of the San Francisco Bridge. You can really get creative in this spot with all the rocks in the vicinity, gorgeous waves, and of course the bridge in the background.



On a good day when it’s not extremely foggy, you can see the crown of the San Francisco Bridge surrounded by clouds. It looks amazing.



This resort is about 30-40 minutes away from the city, but worth the drive. I’ve never been to Ireland before, but from pictures, I’d say there’s really no difference.



This is about an hour and 45 minutes away from San Francisco, also worth the drive. There are a few spots in this area like the tunnel trees, Point Reyes Shipwreck, and farms.



If you’re a nature lover, then this place is for you. Mount Tamalpais is such an underrated point of interest, especially when it’s only an hour away from San Francisco. There are plenty of trails and views of never-ending hills encompassed by clouds.



No need to explain this, right?



Head to Sausalito to find Kirby Cove and 0 find the Famous San Francisco Swing Kirby Cove offers another perspective on the Bay Area that I love so much. From Kirby Cove, you can see the Golden Gate Bridge on your left, Daly City straight ahead of you, and out into the Pacific Ocean.



Twin Peaks San Francisco is one of the top places to get a view of the city. The peak furthest from the parking lot has probably the best view. Try to go on a clear day. When it’s foggy, Twin Peaks sits right in the middle of it and you won’t see anything but swirling fog.

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