SwingBombSF installed over 50 Swings all over San Francisco

Mysterious swings poping up all over San Francisco

50 Swings Installed Around S.F.

From Grove Street to Alamo Square to the Embarcadero, the guerilla installations add a little whimsy to our already-playful city.

According to an anonymous source inside Swing Bomb SF, the swings are meant to be fun, a way to rediscover one’s inner child, taking part in merriment that doesn’t involve waiting in line for the latest food trend.

The swing locations are largely a mystery, though following the group on Instagram is a good way to track down where some of them are. Many are in parks, but some are in dense urban areas in the middle of the city.

Places with great views, and places that are totally unexpected — a couple by Lombard Street, some on the Embarcadero, a few in the Tenderloin. It represents that you can have a playful experience anywhere you are, not just a specific location.”