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    california, the golden state

    California, The Golden State

    If you’ve got four minutes, I’d love to give you a timelapse tour of all of the most visually stunning places California has to offer, filmed over four years, from coastline to mountains to deserts, from cities to agriculture to national parks.

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    big sur california

    Big Sur Coastline, California | A video by Shana Vassilieva

    Big Sur, California is one of the most visually striking places in the world. The dramatic cliff faces that overlook the wide ocean views are equitable to a spiritual or magical experience–especially during golden hour through to sunset. Capturing aerial views of dolphins surrounded by lush ocean blues is a moment I will cherish forever. […]

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    An ode to California | Video

    No matter how often and where we travel, the heart will always remain at home. Filmmaker Morgan Maassen and surfer Nole Cossart have gone on a road trip through their home state California. Out of the city, into nature – and always looking for waves along the way.